Design is Future

innovation through design

Design is Future is a series of conferences that took place within 2 editions of the Barcelona Design Week. Organized by toormix and BCD, Design is future is a meeting place for companies, organisations and professionals share success stories, new trends and methodologies that are shaping the future of design.

We close here a very successful cycle as we are now reinventing this event. Keep in touch with Toormix to know more about how we’re gonna help to explain the Design powerful:



Some of our great speakers

Chiaki Hayashi (Loftwork) · Fernando de la Rosa (Foxize School) · Sison Pujol (Nomon Design)
Chiara Diana (Frog Design Milan) · Juan Freire (Teamlabs) · Yao Ying Jia (Lenovo) · Robin Edman (SVID)
Pere Rosales (Inusual) · Natalia Arguello (NYdesigns) · Robert Munoz (Typeform)
Matthew Cohen (CSI Centre for Social Innovation) · Maria Hidalgo (Diseño Social +)
Marc Garcia & Itziar Pobes (We Question Our Project) · Ivan Caballero (Social Coin)
Mariano Alesandro (Future Thinking & Technology, Index) · Cecilia Tham (FabCafe Barcelona · MOB)
Sam Baron (Fabrica) · Jonathan Duckworth (CiART Lab - RMIT University) · Chris Moody (Wolff Olins)
Andrés Ortiz (Bestiario) · Carmen Bustos (Soulsight) · Doug Powell (IBM Design) · Laszlito Kovacks (Wetransfer)
Andreas Enslin (Design Centre at Miele) · Sílvia Calvet (GFT Group) · Luis Baldez (HP 3D Printing)
Miquel Ballester (Fairphone) · Ed Gillespie (Futerra) · Alice Holmberg (House of Holmberg)
Cristina Bustillo (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu) · Luís Villa (Fjord)

A film about innovation through design

Through 3 main sections we learned about how the design profession is changing and how the new roles of designers are affecting the industry. In a second block, we learn about how design is a perfect tool for innovation in all kind of business, companies and institutions. And, in a third section, we discussed how design helps to improve society and cities through innovation to make an easier life to people.




The profile of the new designer is at a turning point. This part is specialized in the design profession and explores the evolving dynamics of new design, new knowledge and finally the most innovative  experiences in the field of the profession, the research and the entrepreneurship. The future role of the designer from the point of view of new disciplines, profiles and also as a generator of active content and entrepreneurship. A profile that is constantly renewed and becomes strategic within professional structures, that should also include education in its offer.


The second part of Design is Future shows the importance of design within the businesses structure as a innovation enhancer. How the design culture is impacting in businesses. Companies, institutions, governments or cities positioned thanks to be related to design driven values.


The last part of Design is Future event shows how design is increasingly more user-centered. How design helps to improve society and the cities through innovation and helps make an easier life to people.

The venue

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
Plaça de Glòries Catalanes 37
08018 Barcelona


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